How online coaching institutes make a difference in comparison to traditional coaching methods?

The competitive nature of entrance exams for pursuing Engineering or Medical courses has boomed over the last decade, resulting in the popularity of coaching centres. At one point in time, 4 out of 5 ITT-JEE and NEET aspirants sought out coaching centres with an escalating urgency to study more and rise above the growing competition.

Tutoroot walks you through the significance of online entrance coaching methods in comparison to traditional coaching methods.

Flexible Schedule
Students can choose the time they want to study. This flexible time for learning is devised around the time they can spare or their preferences. Traditional coaching centres stick to assigned business hours, but online education does not have any such restrictions. Additionally, students can learn from whichever part of the country they want.

Lower Expenses
In terms of course fees and commuting, traditional coaching methods prove to be more expensive than online coaching. Furthermore, people from remote areas have access to any course without needing to shift to the cities.

Comfort and Accountability
With online coaching, students who study from the comfort of their homes are away from distractions. They are fully accountable for going through their course materials and attending classes. The comfort of a healthy environment makes it possible for students to reach out to their parents for their physical and mental health issues.

Abundance of Resources
Online coaching allows students to re-watch video lectures repeatedly. It is also easier to access study materials such as PDFs and eBooks, making practice and learning easier in online mode when compared to traditional coaching.

As a new academic year is around the corner, van important question is floating in everyone’s mind “Does online learning make a difference in comparison to traditional learning?” Everyone has a different experience with online and traditional classes. Over 75% of academicians have revealed in a survey that online education is equal to or superior to offline learning. Additionally, nearly 70% of them believe that online learning is a critical part of long-term education strategy.

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Which of the following networks is suitable for an organization that has operations In multiple cities and countries?

A. Wide area network.

B. Local area network

C. Metropolitan area network.

D. Storage area network.

Answer: A
Which of the following facilitates data extraction from an application?

A. Application program code.

B. Database system.

C. Operating system.

D. Networks.

Answer: B
With increased cybersecurity threats, which of the following should management consider to ensure that there is strong security governance in place?

A. Inventory of information assets

B. Limited sharing of data files with external parties.

C. Vulnerability assessment

D. Clearly defined policies

Answer: D
Which of the following is the best example of IT governance controls?

A. Controls that focus on segregation of duties, financial, and change management,

B. Personnel policies that define and enforce conditions for staff in sensitive IT areas.

C. Standards that support IT policies by more specifically defining required actions

D. Controls that focus on data structures and the minimum level of documentation required

Answer: C
An organization decided to reorganize into a flatter structure.
Which of the following changes would be expected with this new structure?

A. Lower costs.

B. Slower decision making at the senior executive level.

C. Limited creative freedom in lower-level managers.

D. Senior-level executives more focused on short-term, routine decision making

Answer: A
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